UNLOC Researchers Win Prestigious Royal Academy of Engineering Award

4 July, 2015

Six members of UNLOC have been awarded the prestigious Royal Academy of Engineering's Colin Campbell Mitchell Award.

Prof Polina Bayvel, Dr Lidia Galdino, Dr Robert Killey, Dr Robert Maher, Dr Seb Savory and Dr Benn Thomsen received the Colin Campbell Mitchell Award of the Royal Academy during the academy's dinner on 16th July.

The award, made to an individual or team of up to six engineers in the UK who have made the greatest contribution to the advancement of any field of engineering within the previous four years, has been made to the team in recognition of their pioneering contributions to optical communications technology.

The team receiving the award has made revolutionary strides in the last few years towards maximizing the capacity of fibre optic communication networks as part of the five-year UNLOC programme funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council. In the age of "Internet of Things" the research conducted by the ONG team is vital in ensuring that network technologies can keep up with the increasing quantities of information and the need for their transmission over both long- and short-distances.

Prof Bayvel said: "I would like to express our deep gratitude to the Academy for this award and the recognition of our work. The awardees represent a much larger team of outstanding researchers, who have worked hard on many aspects of optical communications and networks research. This award is for the entire group and we look forward to continuing our work on new techniques to maximize the capacity of the critical optical network infrastructure, to enable new services that will benefit people’s lives and the economy."

Dean of UCL Engineering & Professor of Software Systems Engineering, Professor Anthony Finkelstein FREng congratulated his colleagues and added "Optical communications technology is the keystone of the digital economy supporting immense engineering and societal change. The Optical Networks Group has made pioneering contributions to this hugely important technical field and are continuing to tackle the critical problems of capacity that we are likely to face over the next decade."

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