UNLOC researcher gives a series of outreach lectures to high school students

Nov 15, 2015

A series of outreach lectures were given to high school students by Dr. Paul Harper contributing to the efforts to inspire young people to join STEM related fields.

Dr Paul Harper, an UNLOC investigator and a lecturer at Aston University, delivered a series of three outreach lectures to  year 10 and 12 high school students at the Aston University Engineering Academy last Wednesday. Accompanied by several interactive demos, the lectures introduced students to the basics of optical fibre communications starting from basic physical principles like Snell's law of refraction and concluding with how scientists and engineers use various properties of light to encode and transmit information. Met with an overwhelmingly positive response, Dr Harper who is on the board of governors of the academy has already volunteered to repeat the lectures in the near future. "These types of events are a great opportunity to talk to the wider community about our research and to try and inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers" - said Dr. Harper after the event.

The Aston University Engineering Academy is the first University Technical College established in the UK in Sept 2012 with strong links to Aston University. The core mission of the academy is to contribute to the engineering and science excellence for 14-19 year olds in Birmingham.

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