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UNLOC makes mammoth contribution to Optics Express Feature Issue on Nonlinearity Mitigation for Coherent Transmission Systems

21 February, 2017

Optics Express, a journal of The Optical Society (OSA), published a feature issue on 20 February titled “Nonlinearity mitigation for coherent transmission systems”. UNLOC researchers contributed to 9 papers, which accounts for more than 50% of the issue as a whole.

The feature issue highlights the limiting factor of fibre nonlinearity in long-haul transmission reach and capacity. Leading engineers in the field have contributed to this issue to take us closer to overcoming these limitations. UNLOC has particular expertise in this area and you can read the UNLOC feature issue papers by clicking on the links below.

Papers involving UNLOC authors

Digital Signal Processing For Fiber Nonlinearities [Invited]
John C. Cartledge, Fernando P. Guiomar, Frank R. Kschischang, Gabriele Liga, and Metodi P. Yankov

Digital Backpropagation Accounting For Polarization-Mode Dispersion
Cristian B. Czegledi, Gabriele Liga, Domaniç Lavery, Magnus Karlsson, Erik Agrell, Seb J. Savory, and Polina Bayvel

On The Limits Of Digital Back-Propagation In The Presence Of Transceiver Noise
Lidia Galdino, Daniel Semrau, Domaniç Lavery, Gabriel Saavedra, Cristian B. Czegledi, Erik Agrell, Robert I. Killey, and Polina Bayvel
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On The Bandwidth Dependent Performance Of Split Transmitter-Receiver Optical Fiber Nonlinearity Compensation
Domaniç Lavery, Robert Maher, Gabriele Liga, Daniel Semrau, Lidia Galdino, and Polina Bayvel

Digital Back-Propagation For Nonlinearity Mitigation In Distributed Raman Amplified Links
Gabriel Saavedra, Daniel Semrau, Lidia Galdino, Robert I. Killey, and Polina Bayvel

Mitigation of Nonlinear Transmission Effects for Ofdm 16-Qam Optical Signal Using Adaptive Modulation
Anton S. Skidin, Oleg S. Sidelnikov, Mikhail P. Fedoruk, and Sergei K. Turitsyn

Ripple Distribution for Nonlinear Fiber-Optic Channels
Mariia Sorokina, Stylianos Sygletos, and Sergei Turitsyn

Sparse Identification for Nonlinear Optical Communication Systems: Sino Method
Mariia Sorokina, Stylianos Sygletos, and Sergei Turitsyn
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Modulation Format Dependence Of Digital Nonlinearity Compensation Performance In Optical Fibre Communication Systems
Tianhua Xu, Nikita A. Shevchenko, Domaniç Lavery, Daniel Semrau, Gabriele Liga, Alex Alvarado, Robert I. Killey, and Polina Bayvel