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UNLOC has a new Nature Communications paper

05 December, 2017

A new Nature Communications paper by the title "Bidirectional Wavelength-Division Multiplexing Transmission Over Installed Fibre Using a Simplified Optical Coherent Access Transceiver” is now out.

The paper is an experimental demonstration of how coherent receivers for optical access networks can be dramatically simplified and made cheaper by removing optical components. This could enable a quicker access to the market for these receivers and make 100 times faster home broadband a reality. The work, led by UNLOC researcher Dr. Sezer Erkilinc, has recently broken the news with many websites reporting on the results of this research:

 “What we have done is to simply remove some of the optical complexity using digital techniques, while some of the complexity has shifted from the optical domain to the digital domain,” said Erkılınç. The newly proposed receiver was tested on a dark fibre network installed between Telehouse in East London, UCL, and Powergate in West London, where the researchers were able to send data over 37.6km and 108km.