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Press Releases

FIBRE SYSTEMS featuring UNLOC's research

21 March 2018

UNLOC and Xtera set a new optical transmission record

21 March 2018

Transceiver noise is major limit to maximising optical communication capacity

20 February 2017

Unlocking the capacity of optical communications at all network scales

16 September 2016

Technique proposed in the 70s may hold the key to vastly expand the capacity of future optical communications

24 February 2016

New hardware to expand fast fibre-to-the-home

15 February 2016

Record for fastest data rate set

10 February 2016

Novel technique promises to speed up time from lab to product development for optical fibre transmission systems

01 December 2015

New technique doubles the distance of optical fibre communications

01 December 2015

CONTEST Open Source Transceiver Design Released

13 August 2013