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13 UNLOC papers accepted for OFC 2018

Gigantic contribution from UNLOC to the next Optical Fiber Communication Conference (OFC) to be held in San Diego, California, 11 – 15 March 2018.

Below a list of the 13 accepted manuscripts:

G. Liga, C. B. Czegledi, P. Bayvel
A PMD-adaptive DBP Receiver Based on SNR Optimization

Z. Liu, T. Xu, G. Saavedra, P. Bayvel
448-Gb/s PAM4 Transmission Over 300-km SMF-28 Without Dispersion Compensation Fiber

A. Saljoghei, V. Mishra, M. Bielski, I. Syrigos, K. Katrinis, D. Syrivelis, A. Reale, D. N. Pnevmatikatos, D. Theodoropoulos, M. Enrico, N. Parsons, G. Zervas
dReDBox: Demonstrating Disaggregated Memory in an Optical Data Centre

H. Yuan, A. Saljoghei, A. Peters, G. Zervas
Comparison of SDM-WDM based Data Center Networks with equal/unequal core pitch Multi-Core Fibers

H. Yuan, A. Saljoghei, A. Peters, G. Zervas
Disaggregated Optical Data Center in a Box Network using Parallel OCS Topologies

Z. Li, L. Galdino, T. Xu, M.S. Erkılınç, K. Shi1, E. Sillekens, B.C. Thomsen, P. Bayvel, R.I. Killey
Performance of Digital Back-Propagation in Kramers-Kronig Direct-Detection Receivers

L. Galdino, D. Lavery, Z. Liu, K. Balakier, E. Sillekens, D. Elson, G. Saavedra, R. I. Killey, P. Bayvel
The Trade-off Between Transceiver Capacity and Symbol Rate

B. Karanov, T. Xu, N. A. Shevchenko, D. Lavery, G. Liga, R. I. Killey, P Bayvel
Digital Nonlinearity Compensation Considering Signal Spectral Broadening Effects in Dispersion-managed Systems

E. Sillekens, D. Semrau, G. Liga, N. A. Shevchenko, Z. Li, A. Alvarado, P. Bayvel, R. I. Killey, and D.¸ Lavery
A Simple Nonlinearity-Tailored Probabilistic Shaping Distribution for Square QAM

G. Saavedra, D. Semrau, M. Tan, Md. A. Iqbal, D. J. Elson, L. Galdino, P. Harper, R. I. Killey, P. Bayvel
Inter-channel Stimulated Raman Scattering and its Impact in Wideband Transmission Systems

G. Saavedra, Y. Sun, K. R. H. Bottrill, L. Galdino, F. Parmigiani, Z. Liu, D.J. Richardson, P. Petropoulos, R. I. Killey, P. Bayvel
Optical Phase Conjugation in Installed Optical Networks

Md Iqbal, P. Harper, M. Tan
Transmission Performance Improvement Using Broadband Incoherent Counter-Pumped Distributed Raman Amplification

R. Vincent, D. Ives, S. Savory
Estimating Network Throughput with an Adaptive Routing and Wavelength Assignment Algorithm