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Year of Light Workshop

10 October, 2015 

The Aston Institute of Photonic Technologies hosted  a two-day "Year of Light" workshop in October.

As part of a series of events to mark 2015 as  the International Year of Light, the UNLOC lead partner Aston Institute of Photonic Technologies invited national and international postgraduate researchers and PhD students to explore the world of photonics during a two-day workshop hosted by the Aston University in Birmingham on 6-7 October. The organizers invited leading researchers in the field of photonics from UK, Australia and the USA to share with the young audience what the current trends and state-of-the-art technologies in photonics are, as well as engage them in discussions about the main challenges lying ahead and what innovative solutions can address them. Presentations covered diverse range of  topics inlcuding low energy photonics, optical metamaterials, metrology with light, 3D nanoengineering and laser printing,  topological photonics and more. Apart from the plenaty talks, the sixty attendees enjoyed multiple informal discussion sessions and a poster session. Pictures and summary of the wokrshop can be found on the event webpage.